Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt resumed communicating

Анджелина Джоли и Бред Питт возобновили общение

Fans Joliette ceased to worry – they had hoped that the famous couple will renew their relationship, or at least make them more bearable. Western media reported that Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt are trying to establish friendly relations.

Recently Hollywood actress called still the legal husband, and the conversation, according to the publication Us Weekly, their conversation was “cordial”. Pitt was also happy to call wife. They both perfectly understand that it would be better for their six children.
“I talked to Angelina and Brad about children. They agreed that it was in their interests to support each other normal civilized relations. But settling all controversial issues, the tangent of divorce, they are still far,” said the insider.
Can not but rejoice the fact that a pair of structurally tuned to each other. They seemed to become easier after six months of quarrels and scandals, now it’s like they took a fresh look at the situation. All further actions will be based on the interests of their children, the most important thing for parents is the welfare of their children.
“They decided to forget old grudges and now negotiate joint custody. For the whole family it was a difficult period and he, hopefully, is behind us,” said a source close to celebrities.
We will remind that in September of last year, like thunder from a clear sky, was announced that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce. Moreover, she accused her husband Brad pitt in aggression against children and the use of narcotic drugs. The actor had to undergo a humiliating examination, and to prove to society his sanity, which he did. The FBI closed the case against him, finding no evidence the words of his wife. But still the artist has pledged to make regular tests and undergo therapy with a psychologist. That was a condition, in which his wife allowed him to see the children. I hope that relations of the spouses and in fact will improve.