Angelina Jolie and brad pitt finally “share” their children

Анджелина Джоли и Брэд Питт наконец-то «поделили» своих детей
The actress and her husband are ready to finalize your divorce.

As it became known to the reporters of the newspaper The Sun, Jolie and pitt managed to agree on the point that
was the “chief stumbling block” in their protracted divorce proceedings.
Angelina and brad were able to come to agreement on the issue of child custody.

A source in the court reported that Jolie agreed to joint custody of the kids, so brad now
can celebrate a victory — after all, this is the one for which he fought as many as
a year and a half! To this result they were long and
painful, and to reach agreement, they took a two-way effort.

Recall the relationship of Jolie and pitt gradually began to improve after
brad underwent treatment for alcoholism and has publicly confessed his
the problem, taking the blame for the collapse of marriage with Angelina. It
said in an interview that their relationship collapsed, unable to bear his constant
drunkenness, and Jolie, who originally demanded a categorical sole
custody of six biological and adopted children of the couple, gradually

If at first she was allowed only rare to see brad with the kids, and then —
in the presence of a psychologist, she later allowed pitt to see them more often. And then
and not moved them in the house, located in Los Feliz, near
apart brad, so that his meetings with children have become more frequent and

Now, when the main
the issue has been resolved in the foreseeable future should wait for the statement of completion
divorce proceedings that began in September of 2016. According to a source, the lawyers of both parties
it remains to agree on a purely technical details.