Анджелина Джоли и Брэд Питт «подсели» на инъекции из-за страха старения

The beautiful Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and brad pitt recently wore the title of the most sexy and attractive celebrities in the world, began to take positions. Movie stars started to age, their faces began to appear wrinkles.

It would seem that the process is completely natural and sooner or later it comes in life of every person. That’s the only difference from the majority to come to terms with approaching old age, these two can’t.

Happiness with Jolie and pitt to help them to get rid of wrinkles can the so-called “beauty shots”.

The pair began actively to use them. Moreover, to the extent that the environment is already talking about what Angelina and brad frequent procedures and have almost ceased to control yourself.

An anonymous source shared this information with the American portal Radar Online. According to him, the pair visits to the beautician.

“Compare, looks like johnny Depp and brad pitt and Angelina Jolie! And all because they “sit” on the Botox injections and various fillers!” — told the anonymous publication.

“The actors are scared of aging, so we are ready to do anything to delay the appearance of wrinkles. However, after a series of rejuvenating treatments, the couple became like a plastic doll”, — said the insider.

According to the informant, now pitt uses a dermal filler that not only helps to tighten the skin, but also promotes the production of collagen.

Angelina also prefers deep laser peeling. After this procedure, celebrity skin becomes firmer and luminous.


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