Angelina Jolie admitted why she became an actress

Анджелина Джоли призналась, почему она стала актрисой
Jolie has puzzled fans with his unexpected announcement.

Angelina Jolie


Fans Of Angelina
Jolie (owner of many awards, among which are “Oscar”),
I know that she started acting when she was still a child. And I always thought — to get in the movie was her childhood dream. What
was their surprise when 42-year-old Jolie said recently that he was not going and, more
also didn’t want to become an actress! Angelina confessed: for a long time it was filmed
just for the sake of money to help mom pay her endless bills
medication, surgery and treatment in clinics! “When I decided to become a professional actress, I considered
this activity simply as a job that helped my family make ends meet
ends. Because I was so eager to help my beloved mother!” — said Angelina.

Mom Jolie — actress Marcelin Bertrand — had cancer
when Angelina was only 14 years old. The family was not too good:
Jolie’s father actor Jon Voight left the family when she was just
little. And since the divorce they are not officially designed a very long time, financial assistance from
it was not too generous and regular. Jolie was extremely worried for his beloved mother
and was ready for her any sacrifice.

The first time she appeared on the filming area when
she was not yet 7 years old, however, it was not her initiative. She starred in the film, where her
parents played a major role, and they decided to give her daughter the opportunity to try
herself in the acting profession. But this experience led her into raptures. “Honestly,
I never felt quite comfortable in front of the camera!” — admitted

Jolie praised the profession only when she has grown up. “I
I realized that my work is not just creative, it allows you to learn a lot
new about history, about characters of different people, and myself!”.