Angelina Jolie admitted, why do not sleep at night

Анджелина Джоли призналась, почему не спит по ночам
Health actress in danger again.

Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is increasingly concerned about her fans. The actress, who has spent the last
year extremely depressed, associated with the collapse of her marriage with brad pitt looks
more and more depleted. And it’s not only that, under
the influence of the experiences she’s lost her appetite. As the actress admitted during
a recent meeting with his fans in Los Angeles, recently sharply
it aggravated an old problem — insomnia.
As told by Jolie, she’s lucky if she manages to sleep for the night at least
4-5 hours. There are nights when everything is much worse. And so she has been living
many months.

really, insomnia is poisoning her life for a very long time — the first time it came back
ourselves to know when Angelina was a teenager. As you know, Jolie, father
which left the family when she was one year old, were generally
troubled teenager. She experimented with drugs, cut my hands
with a knife, But if the last two “bad habits” later to cope
managed, trouble sleeping, fainting, seeking, chasing her whole life.

years ago, when the actress only adopted his older foster
son Maddox, she was in a state of euphoria: Jolie claimed that joy
motherhood made her first truly happy. And as said then Angelina, she finally
beginning to sleep. “I go to sleep now, as “dead” as soon as my head touches
pillows!” — boasted the actress. Alas, it did not last too long. In any
case, in one of his later
interview, she admitted that she again insomnia. However, Jolie tried
not to dramatize my problem, but find in this situation something
positive. Speaking about his sverhnapryazheniya chart she said: “Time
a dream I have is not enough. Fortunately, I wouldn’t take much — I just physically
can’t sleep longer. It’s funny, sometimes the insomnia can become a “bonus”!”

now Angelina, which brings up the now six
biological and adopted children, leisure time is definitely no longer appeared. And
accumulated for the year a deficit of sleep started to affect her health. Throughout
visibility, serious health crisis, which Jolie experienced in this year when
doctors suspected she had a minor stroke, was also partly due to her exhausted
insomnia. Looks like angelina it’s time to engage seriously with themselves, before it’s too