Angelina Jolie accused of slander

Анджелину Джоли обвинили в клевете
Brad pitt got the chance to win the children of the couple.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

Brad pitt is preparing to restore his good name in the eyes of fans, watching one of the most notorious of the scandalous divorces of the last few years. As it became known, the charges of Angelina Jolie in violence against their children have not received any confirmation. According to TMZ, authorities and social care, conducted together with the police and FBI checks in the family Hollywood couple officially closed the case without filing for brad any charges. Accordingly, the rumors about domestic violence from pitt to Jolie also was unfounded. The appearance of this news has provoked a wave of accusations of slander against Angelina.

It is curious that the case, instituted in September at pitt, was closed just a few days after he signed the perpetual agreement with Jolie about child custody. Angelina insisted on its original decision to become the sole guardian of all six children, which the couple has raised together.

Now, however, after it became known that the actions of pitt against the heirs did not find anything illegal, fans are wondering: will he continue to fight for children? After all, shortly before the signing of the contract with Angelina, brad filed a petition for custody equally with his wife the rights. Incidentally, not all children of the star couple took the side of Jolie in their divorce. It is known that two successors: pax and Shiloh has announced its desire to live with dad, but in the case of children’s statements is not affected.