Анжелика Варум хочет быть ангелом-хранителем для мужа Today marks the 48 anniversary of the honored artist Leonid Agutin. Celebrity accepts congratulations from family and friends. The wife of the singer Angelica Varum was one of the first wished him happiness and good luck. In addition, it is a touching confession of love for the other half.

      Анжелика Варум хочет быть ангелом-хранителем для мужа

      Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum is one of the most beautiful couple in Russian show-business. The stars together for nearly two decades, of which sixteen years they are married. For such a long period of time, celebrities do not stop to help each other touching tokens.

      July 16 Leonid Agutin celebrates its birthday — the singer turns 48 years old. On this day the wife of the singer once again confessed her love for him. Angelika Varum posted a photo of her husband on Instagram and wrote that he wanted to be near him always, like an angel. The singer also wished his other half the best.

      “From the moment we “entwined tails” (Pelevin), and whenever work or life circumstances forced us to leave, even for a little while, I impossibly wanted to be here the same character sitting on your shoulder. And that no obligations, no hassles. Just to be around. Always.Happy birthday, My! Be healthy, prosperous and happy! Let the good Luck to you all and the inspiration never leaves you!”, those are the words of Leonid Agutin congratulated his wife.
      Анжелика Варум хочет быть ангелом-хранителем для мужа

      Followers of Angelica joined her congratulations and noted that the creativity of star pair makes their lives better. “I love your pair!”, “Happiness, creativity, success, love and all the best!”, “You are wonderful”, “happy birthday! You are beautiful and talented pair”, “Be happy and loved”, “do Not cease to admire you”, “Wish you many years together,” “Respected, loved sound for a long summer,” had expressed their opinion in the comments of the fans of the stars.

      Leonid himself also published a post in a microblog dedicated to his birthday.

      “I, for one, am glad that 48 years ago, my mother gave birth to me in the hospital, somewhere on Lenin Avenue. Happy and accept the world for what it is. Since he created it not I, laws were invented not me, I’m just a temporary tenant. Actually, what I all this? Today’s my Birthday, and the world is going God knows what! But I have a holiday and I’m going to celebrate it, especially because it belongs not to me but to family and friends (at least they say so”, — said Leonid Agutin.

      Birthday Leonid Agutin will be celebrated in the family circle. Before the artist arrived, his children — 17-year-old Lisa and 20-year-old Pauline. The eldest heiress of the singer lives in France with his matter Maria Vorobyeva and her husband. Pauline also received a law degree and wants to build a career in the field of international relations. As for the youngest daughter Agutin, it has been a long time living in Miami. About the girl know that it grows very creative — Lisa sings songs and plays guitar.

      Leonid Agutin was reunited with her daughters

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