Анжелика Варум вступилась за зятя The singer was supported by chosen daughter, who was criticized after the celebration of mother’s Day in the narrow family circle. In recognition of Angelica Varum, she is delighted with choice of Lisa and considers him a great musician. Fans of the actress expressed agreement with her point of view.

Recently the singer Angelica Varum provoked heated discussions in social networks. The actress shared a cute family photo. In the picture you can see the star itself, Leonid Agutin, as well as their daughter Lisa and her lover Mark Angelo. The guy heiress celebrities playing and singing American rock band Legally Taken. Lisa’s parents, living in Miami, welcomed her choice. They took Mark, and willingly spend time with him.

However, the family has sparked discussion on the Internet. Some users of social networks not liked the look of the boyfriend of Lisa. The young man wears a long beard. In addition, the photo that appeared in the microblog Varum wearing a long baggy coat.

The artist got acquainted with the fans reaction and decided to clarify the situation. Angelika Varum admitted that I am impressed with the abilities of the beloved daughter. In addition, the singer revealed that he believes Mark a great man.

“I want to protect my “in-law”… His name was mark, he was 21 years old. His father and mother were born and raised in Cuba. Mark was born in America. He’s a terrific musician, no bad habits. The direction in which he “confesses” is called “conceptual rock”. Behind him a few professional albums. Mark – band leader, virtuoso drummer, great singer, and very delicate. From a karmic coincidences: his mother’s name is Maria, and we were both born in may, and mark, like my husband, born in July,” shared Varum.

Angelica also commented on the “slightly unusual” appearance of the young man. “It’s my mistake, – admitted the singer. – To celebrate mother’s Day we chose a place where a man should wear a jacket. I forgot to warn about it, and Mark had to wear a jacket to my friend, who is a head of its taller and a little broader in the shoulders”.

Fans of celebrity support for her numerous comments and also wished Lisa and Mark all the best. “Happiness be with them for many, many years,” the “Cool guys”, “Beautiful couple”, “People will always find something to complain about,” “what little things you pay attention”, “the Main thing that the daughter happy,” “Angelica, you don’t have to justify to anyone,” wrote the judges of creativity of the performer.