Анжелика Варум поделилась секретом феноменальной стройности The singer told, how to look after themselves. In the microblog Angelika Varum shared his system of diet and workouts. Fans admire the appearance of the actress and ask her advice.
Анжелика Варум поделилась секретом феноменальной стройности

Famous singer Angelica Varum always amazes the audience with his appearance. Many fans think that over the years the artist has become even more beautiful. She Varum carefully watching them tries to exercise, eat right and to respect the sleep mode.

One of the last frames, which the star shared on Twitter, she poses in a sports uniform. Fans were able to appreciate the toned legs of the actress. In the caption to the picture Varum told about how picked up for himself a training regime and diet.

“Over the last twenty years trying to adhere to separation of power, ie not mixing proteins with carbohydrates. I exclude from your diet fried foods, meat and fish broths, marinades, preservatives, sauces, yeast, sugar, any drink, except for ordinary, non-carbonated water. During the day I drink 2.5 to 4 liters of water (prefer warm water as my body, it is easier to digest). Every third day, as in the days when I am cold or during stressful just for the body days (flight, tour) I exclude from the diet of protein foods. This gives me the ability to cope better with stress and recover faster,” – said Varum.

In the comments, Anjelica also admitted that sometimes allows himself to have a sweet tooth, but then suffers from the consequences of such desires and understands what it takes. Unlike other stars, Varum does not spend much time in the room.

“As for sports, I’m not a big fan of grueling workouts and strict system graphics. Engaged exclusively in ohotku. Running prefer walking. Go 15-20 miles. I love swimming, I swim breaststroke and crawl for 2-3km. Well, of course, do simple exercises for the major muscle groups of the arms, press, back, buttocks and legs. Any of the above muscle groups in the Internet you can find a huge number of exercises and choose the most suitable. The most important thing. in this case, since the power supply system to sport, is motivation. Personally, I like Terry pharmacophore, this way of life has allowed to get rid of a “bouquet” of occupational diseases, ranging from chronic fatigue, lingering, repetitive, cold and exhausting ending my body with allergies,” shared the star.