Анжелика Варум убрала из собственного репертуара «Зимнюю вишню» A few days ago in one of shopping centres of Kemerovo there was a large fire. The fire killed more than 60 people, among them many children. The Mall, which burned alive the people, was called “Winter cherry”, the same name – popular songs of Angelika Varum.
Анжелика Варум убрала из собственного репертуара «Зимнюю вишню»

The tragedy that occurred last weekend, have left domestic celebrities in the side. Many artists have canceled performances for the next few days, and some stars have listed to families of victims and victims at a fire in the Kemerovo shopping Mall large amounts of money…

Angelika Varum loved by many fans of pop-culture after the hit mid-90s “Winter cherry”. The composition for a long time occupied leading places in the Russian charts. But now the singer has decided to abandon its execution. In particular, it ruled out this hit from yesterday’s concert in Irkutsk – in memory of those killed and injured in Kemerovo shopping centre, “Winter cherry”.

“Cherry, cherry, winter cherry. Beautiful berry aroma. White snow falls. Slightly heard. No one to blame…” – sung in the song takes the wife of Leonid Agutin. The author of this poem is Cyril Krastoshevsky, the music for the hit was composed by the father of Angelica – Yuri Varum.

Please specify in the Network, in the press, on TV actively discuss the different versions of the causes of a fire in TTS “the Winter cherry”. Emergency personnel, in turn, reported that the fire killed 64 people. According to one version, the guard Sergey Antoshin disabled the smoke alarm in the building Serena was recurrent and spontaneous, so security every time I had to call the specialist to let her “drown”.