Angelika Varum learned to live away from her daughter

Анжелика Варум научилась жить вдали от дочери The singer has toured the cities and countries involved in or record albums. She maintains a residence in Miami, where her daughter, 17-year-old Lisa. Despite the distance, the mother and girls develop trusting friendships. According to star, she always worried about Lisa, but have learned to live away from the girl.

      Анжелика Варум научилась жить вдали от дочери

      Angelika Varum living large: concerts, tour hoodlum and countries, recording new albums. A second home for the singer was in Miami, where year-round warmth and sunshine. However, in the US the star is always waiting for daughter Lisa, who lives there for 12 years. During visitov in America Varum periodicheski gives concerti: the last show was held on may 12 in new York “Stage 48”. But, as a rule, she’s going to be charged with positive energy and to communicate with 17-year-old daughter.

      “Geography does not affect our relationship. Genes, as they say, still nobody cancelled. Another thing is the age…Lisa in February was 17. At this time parents usually already written for “an audience” to the child. She has her own, a wide range of interests, a large circle of friends and a very tight schedule Affairs, including music and learning,” said Varum about the relationship with her daughter.

      Lisa is making progress in music. A girl plays in a rock band and she writes songs. Despite the fact that mother and daughter are in different genres, the girl is not opposed to pop music. According to Angelica, Lisa listens to everything from jazz to conceptual rock.

      Анжелика Варум научилась жить вдали от дочери

      Russian pop-ispolnitelnitsa admits that he had learned, gsiti away from her daughter, but, nevertheless, very concerned for the child. She remembered a story that happened to her after the birth of Lisa.

      “Somehow, walking through the courtyard with a year-old Lisa, I met my old friend, who by the time of our meeting, it was already two adult sons. He asked how I feel as a mom. I said in awe of the new sensations except for one big “but”: along with all this happiness, struck me with a new daughter, somewhere on a subconscious level there was a constant sense of anxiety. I asked a friend how long that lasts. And he said, “This, mother, forever”. And live,” he shared in an interview with Hello Varum.

      Recall that the daughter of Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum was born in 1999. In 2003 Lisa lives and studies in USA. Both parents doted in his heiress and periodically rasskazyvat about the success of the girls in their social networks.

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