Анжелика Варум «ввязалась» в необычный марафон
The singer impresses with its sporty shape.

Photo: Instagram

48-year-old Anzhelika Varum do not get tired to surprise fans with his appearance. She looks at least 15 years younger, and the main secret of this miracle calls plastic surgery, only healthy sleep, proper nutrition and a bit of sport.

Fitness seriously and always Angelica have neither the time nor the desire. Most of the year, the singer is in Miami, here at star of the family own apartment on the ocean. Lives here and a daughter Varum and Leonid Agutin, and yet there is an incredible air and almost always good weather.

One of the favorite pastimes of Andzelika in recent years is skating. It is no problem to drive 10 km along the coastline. The singer rolls around in short shorts and a sports topic, the benefit figure as a young girl allows. To protect yourself from injury, the star wears knee and elbow pads.

Recently God has told fans that she will take part in an unusual marathon. Seven consecutive days the star will be roller-skating for two hours morning and two hours in the evening. “Oh, sport!” said dreamily while happy with Angelica.

Fans were delighted from such activities stars and wrote her a record number of comments. By the way, some subscribers wanted to know how serious a sport mode in this chart, the singer has set himself. And does it themselves in the evening at least a glass of wine.

Varum has not yet responded to these questions. As for the wine, Angelica is not only a connoisseur of good drinks, but she produces them! At one of the wineries in the Krasnodar territory Varum there are as many as 50 hectares of land on which the vines of different varieties to make wine with her name.