Angelika Varum got the recipe from insomnia

Анжелика Варум нашла рецепт от бессонницы
The singer was up all night preparing a masterpiece of Italian cuisine.

Анжелика Варум нашла рецепт от бессонницы

Angelika Varum

Photo: Instagram

Angelika Varum got back from holiday — she spent it in America, where he flew to visit his daughter Lisa. Changing multiple time zones, the singer was unable to sleep and decided not to waste time.

“Anticipating an early rise dictated by the change in time
zone, so as not to waste time on futile attempts to fall asleep, I
puzzled by the presence in the fridge of fresh vegetables — shared star. And here
he’s my favorite Italian soup — minestrone”.

This soup is interesting because every woman cooks it
in its own way. Angelica shared her version of this easy and tasty meals. “I
divide the preparation of this soup in several stages, says Varum. In
saucepan, in olive oil Passero red onion and shallots until they
will become transparent, then cut into small cubes, hard vegetables: carrots,
celery root, celery, and also put them in a pot, stirred,
leave for 1-2 minutes and then pour boiling water to cover the vegetables.
Add a little salt and a Bay leaf, cover with a lid and allow the vegetables a little
have potamilus. Finely diced the softer vegetables: daikon radish, potatoes,
zucchini and (rings a little obliquely) asparagus. Put these vegetables into the General pot and
pour more boiling water so that the water covers them. In a separate saucepan for 2-3 minutes scald the diced bell pepper and also the florets of cauliflower. These vegetables are very bright flavor, which can
to kill the smell and taste of other vegetables. After processing, add them to the total
pot, add water to the consistency of the soup, salt to taste. Last but not least,
when the soup is ready, put there finely chopped garlic-5-6 cut into 4
parts of cherry tomatoes, the feathers sliced diagonally green onions,
a small sprig of thyme, a few small leaves of Basil, fennel (for
optional) and one tablespoon of olive oil. Minestrone is ready. My
General (as Angelica calls the beloved wife of Leonid Agutin — Approx. ed.), loves
in its purest form, and I added to his plate a little finely grated cheese
The Parmesan. For lack of a can put a small piece of butter. It
as well as cheese give the soup a little creamy taste.”

Photo: Instagram