Angelika Varum forbids daughter to marry

Анжелика Варум запрещает дочери выходить замуж The star explained why worried about the future of Lisa. Despite the fact that Varum familiar with the chosen heiress, she does not approve of their impending wedding. According to the artist, don’t rush things.
Анжелика Варум запрещает дочери выходить замуж

17-year-old daughter Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin Lisa lives and studies in USA. About two years she meets a musician, leader of a local rock band mark. In social networks the young man has been dubbed son-in-law of the famous singer, but she prefers not to rush things. According to pop stars, its successor must first learn, and then to build a family life.

“I hope the daughter to marry is not going to. If I don’t know something, tell me. But I think, that family creation is a matter for the adults. First you need to develop your personality in the profession, and only then think about marriage. You need to decide and who is compatible with you for life. At 18, I’m afraid, such a choice is impossible,” said Angelica.

According to the singer, Lisa is too young and a lot of decisions emotionally. The heiress Agutin and Varum also enjoys music and he writes songs. Mom and dad gave the girl a powerful amplifier and a guitar, so she could be creative. “Now she has too many hormones and energy. Therefore, to understand what she needs in life, she can not” – said the artist.

Despite the fact that Angelica speaks out against the imminent wedding of her daughter, she approves of her choice. She advised Lisa to pay attention to this young man after a concert. Soon the girl started an affair with him. In may of this year Varum spoke in detail about the brand to thousands of users subscribers after the guy was convicted of appearance.

“He was 21 years old. His father and mother were born and raised in Cuba. Mark was born in America. He’s a terrific musician, no bad habits. The direction in which he “confesses” is a conceptual rock. Behind him a few professional albums — said Varum. — Mark — band leader, virtuoso drummer, great singer, and very delicate. From a karmic coincidences: his mother’s name is Maria and we were both born in the month of may, and mark, like my husband, born in July,” shared the star.

Marriage Varum and Agutin many consider perfect. The couple recently celebrated the twentieth anniversary of joint life. “To be honest, a little present next to a man who could tolerate me with all the wonders as does Leon,” said Angelica in an interview with “Interlocutor”.