Angelika Varum fears she will be separated from husband

Анжелика Варум боится, что ее разлучат с мужем The singer dedicated a heartfelt line Leonid Agutin. Angelika Varum touching congratulated beloved wife happy birthday. July 16, the famous musician turned 49 years old.

Creative and family Union of Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin is one of the most harmonious and strong in the Russian show-business. Couple for twenty years together, their relationship to each other, proving that all the stories about difficulties in their family exist only in the imagination of detractors.

The birthday of Leonid Agutin, who is a musician said on July 16, Angelica Varum devoted husband heartfelt post in the microblog. The singer admitted touching the man she loves her feelings, giving the phrase in a clever and subtle a poem is a dedication. In it, in particular, Angelika Varum openly talking about their fears ever remain the same, philosophically noting that in this life everything is temporary and has an expiration date. Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum: “It was happiness that scary”

“All the words already seems to be spoken in public, and alone. We are capable of familiar phrases to Get under the shell. As twenty years ago, according to Pelevin, Just silently weave the tails. To understand nothing is eternal, everything is temporary, And from a sense to be embarrassed sometimes. We are native and from toe to the crown. For the two of us nearly one hundred years. Well I used the same amount of time, If the ONE who is above us, will allow. Happy birthday, MY!” – addressed to Leonid Agutin Anzhelika Varum.

The post singer accompanied by a picture, which depicted her and her husband. Photo is just filled with feeling and harmony. Subscribers Angelika Varum admired her dedication wife and joined in the congratulations.

“How wonderful, this feeling! Happy birthday to congratulate your Leonid! A longtime fan of his talent. Love you as a woman. You are wise and charming”, “my God, what a photo! Words not to Express! Be still the same. There will allow, after reading your congratulations”, “What wonderful poetry, what a wonderful couple to tears. Happy birthday, Leonid!”, “What a tender photo! Your pair is the epitome of harmony in its purest form”, – said fans of the star couple in his Angelica Varum.

Recall that the wedding of Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin took place in 2000, before the lovers have met for about three years. The ceremony took place in Venice. Do celebrities have a daughter Elizabeth. She decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents – she also studies music.