Анжелика Варум не признает свой возраст The singer feels that over the years, only younger. Despite the fact that she was 47 years old, Angelica Varum feels young. Fans do not get tired to admire the fact that the actress always manages to look great and keep myself in great shape.

      Анжелика Варум не признает свой возраст

      Today one of the brightest singers of Patriotic pop Anzhelika Varum celebrating a birthday. Despite the fact that she was 47 years old, she feels that over the years, only younger. The actress published a child’s photo and shared his thoughts with the fans that he feels is still young.

      “Judging from this picture, in three years I felt at eighty. Today I am 47. What can I say?! Younger! Thank you very much for the congratulations!” – Varum wrote in the microblog.
      Анжелика Варум не признает свой возраст

      Fans of the morning began to send good wishes to the beloved singer. “Happy birthday to you! Do you younger! I wish to be as beautiful and energetic!”, “You are a beautiful and an example of a real woman! With a holiday!”, “Happy birthday! Stay young and beautiful!” – excitedly congratulated by the followers Angelica.

      But the most important words Varum heard from her husband, Leonid Agutin. He did not hesitate to write in one of the social networks about how much he loves and appreciates his wife. Fans never cease to marvel at the sincerity and reverent attitude of the artists towards each other, which they manage to maintain for a long time.

      “Today I have a great holiday! The birthday of my wife, my beloved and dear Angelika Varum! Person, a meeting which was predefined. Women whose love is a gift of my destiny. Women of my life. My sweet and tender Tiny. My little, strong and brave Sparrow. My fortress and some. Our wise owls home. My ray of light in a cloudy world. The most beautiful and touching singer on this earth. The special and unique. The closest of the living on earth. My dear, I congratulate you! With all my heart I wish you to be healthy and happy! And, as a sincere fan of yours, I wish a permanent and well-deserved success to your wonderful, honest and highly creative.” – not stingy on the compliments to his beloved Agutin.

      Leonid Agutin admitted that Varum needed another male

      A couple of Leonid and Angelica is considered one of the highest in the Russian show business. In 1999 they had a daughter, Lisa. The girl went in the footsteps of their famous parents and making serious strides in music. She writes the songs, plays in a rock band. Despite the fact that Lisa lives in Miami, she’s not deprived of attention of parents. As recognized by Varum, distance does not affect their relationship with the daughter.

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