Angelika Varum defended a young man daughter

Анжелика Варум защитили молодого человека дочери
More recently, in the microblogging famous singer Angelica Varum was posted on the Facebook page, which provoked a strong reaction users.

Анжелика Варум защитили молодого человека дочери

Photo posed itself Varum, her husband Leonid Agutin and daughter Lisa with her lover mark Angelo.

But subscribers began to leave unflattering comments on the Internet, emphasizing the strange image of a young man.

Анжелика Варум защитили молодого человека дочери

And finally, Angelica decided to clarify and respond to comments followers.

“I want to protect my “in-law”… His name was mark, he was 21 years old. His father and mother were born and raised in Cuba. Mark was born in America. He’s a terrific musician, no bad habits. The direction in which he “confesses” is called “conceptual rock”. Behind him a few professional albums. Mark – band leader, virtuoso drummer, great singer, and very delicate. From a karmic coincidences: his mother’s name is Maria, and we were both born in may, and mark, like my husband, born in July,” – said the singer.

Note that, Varum and Agutin had approved the choice of his daughter and only happy for her.

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