Анжелика Варум выбрала жениха своей дочери

The only daughter of the famous couples of domestic show-business Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin Elizabeth will soon turn eighteen. From early childhood, the child lived separately from parents – they have chosen daughter such a fate. Now Elizabeth is a full-fledged personality, a big girl that it is time to think about his personal life. Not without pride in his voice Angelika Varum said that he had a hand in the choice of his daughter and first noticed the young man who could become her son-in-law.

“I’m acquainted with a young man Lisa, and this story is very interesting – the daughter met her boyfriend because of me. Once we went with her to a rock concert, and I liked the drummer of one of the exposed groups. I then said to her: “This drummer for you.” Two years later, Lisa called me and said, “Mom, our drummer!”” -said Varum. As it turned out, it was about the same nice young man who liked Angelica.
The singer admitted that he is ready to see our grandchildren, but the daughter did not rush to put a stamp in the passport and have offspring. She and her young man too busy with music and his career.
Recall that Lisa has own band Without Gravity, with which she has toured.