Angelika Varum came to the defense of the future son-in-law

Анжелика Варум встала на защиту будущего зятя
The singer told about the groom his daughter.

Анжелика Варум встала на защиту будущего зятя

Leonid Agutin and Anzhelika Varum with her daughter Lisa and her fiancé

Photo: @avarum/Instagram

Only the reaction of the fans in the photo shared by Angelika Varum, forced the singer to talk about the new member of your family. The picture shows the singer with her husband Leonid Agutin and their daughter Lisa with her boyfriend, Many people do not like
appearance boys, they criticized him, and then God decided to speak in his

“His name’s mark. He was 21 years old. His father and mother were born and raised on
Cuba. Mark was born in America. He’s a terrific musician, no bad habits. Direction
he “professes” is a conceptual rock. For his
shoulders some professional albums, told Varum. — Mark — band leader, virtuoso drummer
a wonderful singer and is very delicate. From karmic
coincidences: his mother’s name is Maria and we were both born in the month of may, and mark,
like my husband, born in July”.

The daughter of Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum Lisa’s fiancé

Photo: @avarum/Instagram

The singer explained why the photo of mark strangely. “A little
unusual kind of Mark on the previous picture — my mistake. To celebrate
Mother’s day we chose a place where a man must necessarily be
the jacket says Varum. I forgot about
to prevent this, and Mark had to wear a jacket to my friend, who is a head
its taller and a little broader in the shoulders”.