Анжелика Агурбаш оказалась в постели с армянским певцом The artists shot a video for a new song. In the story, the musicians played a loving couple that decided to leave. Angelica Agurbash and Arame recorded the song, in which he spoke about a past love.

      Анжелика Агурбаш оказалась в постели с армянским певцом

      Popular singer Angelica Agurbash four years ago painful went through a divorce with a beloved man. The artist does not hide the fact that she’s hard to tolerate the gap with her ex-husband. Due to work, Angelica can talk about their inner feelings. New song “Been and gone” – just about the relationship that ended. But Agurbash was necessary to demonstrate on camera the feelings are completely gone, and the past heroes while.

      New song Angelica has recorded a duet with famous Armenian singer Arame. As planned by the famous Director, music video Director Alexey Golubev, one day had to shoot a few scenes in different scenery. However, most of the time Angelica and Arame spent in bed.

      “To be honest, to play feelings on camera wasn’t easy for me. Thank you Angelique, it was a fantastically professional actress and helped me to relax”, – said the musician.
      Анжелика Агурбаш оказалась в постели с армянским певцом

      The crew could not fail to note that the artists managed to capture the mood and play so convincingly that some scenes ran formication of everyone here.

      Angelica admitted that the Duo, Arame happened very spontaneously. The artist sent me a song, and she realized that he absolutely had to do it. And after a personal acquaintance of the doubt was finally dispelled.

      “When I first heard the charming voice, without hesitation, agreed to record a duet. We presented the song on my birthday, and all the guests were delighted, – says Angelica. – But the main emotion I got, of course, on the shooting. Feel just Thumbelina. Yes, and this is when my-178 inches! But even I with my growth, Arame looked like a little girl”.

      The Director decided to move away from stereotyped ideas about the breakup. In the story the musicians weren’t supposed to beat the dishes, to arrange hysterics and scandals. The creators of the video decided to show in the video that the idea of parting came to him consciously. The result was a very romantic and touching story that viewers will soon be able to appreciate.

      Анжелика Агурбаш оказалась в постели с армянским певцом

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