Angelica was a victim of fraud

Анжелика Агурбаш стала жертвой мошенников

Any artist must be prepared for the fact that his name can be used by hackers for bad purposes. And the more famous performer, especially a large-scale fraud can be committed.

About how she had to face with the Scam, and told the singer Angelica Agurbash.

The ex-wife of the sausage king stated that some scammers prey on her behalf advertising and selling concert tickets, which she planned and which it is not agreed upon.

So, on 10 November in Khabarovsk was to speak, according to crooks, Angelica. But the star, of course, will not give a concert.

“The network appeared the information that the 10 Nov will be my solo concert in Khabarovsk. I officially declare: no concert, I don’t plan on this date in this city,” said Angelica.

I wonder how many people managed to buy tickets for the concert Agurbash and who will reimburse them for their losses?