Angelica Varum was brought to tears

Анжелику Варум довели до слез
The singer shared personal experiences.

Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin

Photo: @avarum Instagram Angelika Varum

Angelika Varum spent my day off in tears. As it turned out, to cry the singer made a melodrama called “One day”, which Varum decided to brighten up formed a small vacation. The actress admitted that for many years didn’t watch this genre of movies because of their predictability, but seeing the picture made Angelica such a strong impression that she couldn’t hold back the tears.

“I don’t watch family melodrama. Just ignore this category of films. — said Varum. Today, quite by accident, stumbled upon a movie with my beloved Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney, “One fine day”. Simple story (one of thousands) coupled with the remarkable performance of the actors… and I’m crying like a baby!”

Incidentally, the film is about love and relationships men and women are forced Angelica to think about their own family life. On the wave of emotions the singer even wanted to give an interview about his domestic bliss with her husband Leonid Agutin. Varum admits that usually detailed questioning reporters about her personal life cause her irritation. However, for many years, Angelica has developed a philosophical attitude to increased interest in family life the star couple. “Probably in this lies my true destiny…” she confessed.