Angelica Timonina celebrated the occasion

Анжелика Тиманина с размахом отметила праздник
Known synchro swimmer Angelica Timonina said birthday.

Анжелика Тиманина с размахом отметила праздник

The girl called her friends on vacation in Greece.

Company athlete also made her a young man and popular leading Aurora.

Friends had fun and congratulated Angelica, happy birthday.

“I have not yet managed to get all the gifts from family and friends, as birthday held in Greece, and then immediately fly to the Maldives with her boyfriend in the surf trip. Really looking forward to the waves and surfing, it would be my best gift. But still got a limited edition skateboard made for me to order a surfboard from a loved one, which I plan to take part in the Championship of Russia on surfing this summer,” said Timonina.

The girl we wish further sports achievements.

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