Angelica sold jewelry for children

Анжелика Агурбаш продала украшения ради детей The singer has fallen on hard times after a divorce in 2012 with her husband Nicholas. He refused to pay child support for their son. The star had to earn money by selling their own brand of things and even to take credit for the education of the boy.

      Анжелика Агурбаш продала украшения ради детей

      Angelica told about the hard times that overtook her after the divorce with Nicholas four years ago. The star divorced her husband in 2012 after 11 years of marriage. Their breakup was loudly discussed in the press. It was rumored that ex-husband was to pay child support for the son of Anastas. The singer had to take education loan the boy to change his apartment in Moscow on the suburban cottage and sell some things.

      “After my divorce, I remained in the street. I needed the money to feed themselves and their children. Oddly enough, branded items never depreciate and can help out in difficult situations. This is especially true of bags and watches that are always in demand. I had three pairs of very expensive – with diamonds and gold. Of course, at fire sales thing goes down in price. For example, if the accessory was worth 200 thousand dollars, then it will take 50 thousand dollars,” recalled the singer.

      According to star, she did not like to wear a watch, and even shot them before events. One time Agurbash chose to demonstrate their wealth through appearance, wearing a few accessories that cost nearly a thousand dollars but then, the mania has passed.

      “It is now unfashionable to boast of their wealth. The rich self-sufficient people are not “Chopard”, and cheap “Seiko,” he told Wday Angelica about how preferences have changed celebrities.

      Recall that at the moment Agurbash devotes herself to a career and children. Star rarely remembers the difficult times after the divorce.

      “If I ever tell the real truth about my “perfect” marriage, the country will mourn. I just do not want to wash dirty linen in public and tell in detail about the evil going on in our house. Unfortunately, people were not quite adequate, it mixed up all the landmarks in life. I can safely say that recent years I lived in the basement of a maniac and a crazy person”, – said the singer about Nicholas.

      After breaking up with him Angelica tried to find happiness with businessman Anatoliem Pobega. However, the pair never got married due to the fact that the groom invited the girl to arrange the marriage contract, which highly insulted the singer. She broke off the engagement and refused the financial help of the chosen one.

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