Анжелика Агурбаш избавилась от квартиры The singer decided to part with the estate. Angelica Agurbash no plans in the near future to live in Minsk, and therefore felt it appropriate not to spend money on the maintenance of housing. Thus the actress wants to let new energy in life.

      Famous singer Angelica dreams about life change. In order to be open to new things, she decided to get rid of unnecessary things and let the fate of fresh energy. First on the list was an apartment in Minsk, which the artist sold. The reason that prompted her to get rid of the property, was that Agurbash in the near future plans to live in the capital of Belarus.

      “I do not want to burden themselves with real estate, you want to monitor, and to pay utility bills, by the way. I am getting rid of everything aggravating in my life, to expand horizons. It is not only flat, but also my stage dressing room. Want to release it, to let into my life a new energy,” admitted Agurbash.

      Photo published by ANGELICA (@angelicaagurbash) Jul 4 2016 at 2:11 am PDT

      Apparently, now the money that Angelica spent on maintenance of the apartment, she can spend on their own children. Agurbash was already experiencing financial problems in your life. After a scandalous divorce with Nicholas four years ago, it was rumored that the former spouse was left without a livelihood for their son Anastas. For the sake of the young man had a bright future, Angelique had to take out a loan to study heir. Also the mother of three children had to sell their branded items to provide children with all necessary.

      “After my divorce, I remained in the street. I needed money to feed themselves and their children. Oddly enough, branded items never depreciate and can help out in difficult situations. This is especially true of bags and watches that are always in demand. I had three pairs of very expensive diamond and gold. Of course, urgent selling item losing value. For example, if the accessory was worth 200 thousand dollars, it will take over 50 thousand dollars”, – told Angelica.

      The singer is glad that the children fully justifies its hopes and efforts. She is happy that the heirs could find themselves in life.

      “Nikita is a student at Milan’s Bocconi University at the international Department of the economy. Finished the first course, almost all items have a maximum of 100 points. Well, in the worst case, 97-98. It’s the look, when I – a happy mom. It justified all my hopes. And attachments too! This is a great gift for women – healthy and smart children,” admitted Agurbash in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

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