Angelica Agurbash about plastic surgery: “I had more than anyone in this country!”

Анжелика Агурбаш о пластических операциях: «У меня их было больше всех в этой стране!»
The singer was horrified by the injection of Botox.

Angelica Agurbash


Angelica shakes their appearance. 47-year-old actress, without exaggeration, looks great. At that time, like many of her colleagues lose their “marketable” Angelica only younger. Evil tongues have long argued that beauty Agurbash — merit good plastic surgeons. The other day the singer in the show “the Stars aligned” commented on the rumors about alleged transactions performed.

“So it turns out that, judging by social media, the most plastic surgeries in the country I — laughed Angelica. — Actually, I solemnly declare that I do not have any plastic surgery. Moreover, I don’t have any filler, Dysport and Botox. And I feel very good. Thank God, I have never had any problems. Four years ago I did a single injection of Botox — I was terrified. I don’t fit! I’m the exception to the rule…”

By the way, the statement Agurbash impressed everybody in the Studio of the stars. “Beauty shots”, as it turned out, did most of them. Even presenter Oskar Kuchera resorted to Botox injections. It, however, to do this forced circumstances. “I’ve done Botox injections. I participated in one show, where I did a mask constantly. Swore at me: “We are not a single image can’t do because you have eyebrows all the time off!” recalls of oksar. The artist was forced to make three injections to “pacify” the moving facial expressions.