Анфиса Чехова осталась без сына и мужа
Solomon dad flew to Georgia.

Anfisa Chekhov with her son

Photo: photo from personal archive of Anfisa Chekhova

Not sooner had Anfisa Chekhova with her son to return from vacation, which they spent in Italy and
Spain, Solomon flies back to rest. This time, Guram, husband of TV presenter, went with her son to Georgia. “Tonsured
Amateur bunnies tomorrow dad leaves to spend the summer with her grandmother in Georgia for
vitamins, mountain air and a strong immune system, — said Chekhov. —
And I continue to work and be bored”.

Recall that Anfisa Chekhova recently found that fans
rest assured: TV host divorced and flew to Italy with
her new husband. Such rumors do spread through the Network after
she recently flew on a vacation without her husband — Guram Bablishvili, but in the company
muscular, handsome. Anfisa first
ignored the assumptions of the fans that it severed relations with
spouse. But, as publications with fresh images with a mysterious cavalier,
subscribers appeared more and more questions. The result is Chekhov still
commented on his current status.

“Solik, and my best friend Edward. We’ve been friends for 15 years, and
it seems all know each other. As some here already divorced my husband and me, and
married Edik! Dear friends,
sometimes between a man and a woman happens to be friendship! It is also one of the options
love, only the love of the soul. Uncle Edik with Solikom also formed friendship. And
stop me at all to marry!” — asked followers Anfisa.