Anfisa Chekhova was invited to take part in the presidential elections

Анфисе Чеховой предложили принять участие в президентских выборах Several women of Russian show business have put forward their candidatures for the post of head of state. Anfisa Chekhov has decided not to lag behind colleagues. The presenter collects the huskies, the number of which will fateful decision.
Анфисе Чеховой предложили принять участие в президентских выборах

Anfisa Chekhov has published a letter in Instagram. The organization “the Party of Good deeds” offers the media personality to run for President of Russia, according to preliminary estimates of experts, the star has all chances to become a head of state. She decided to call on fans to help.

“And I certainly share their desire to protect children, women, nature, freedom and pensioners, but in politics I have never drawn. After all, it’s a no brainer that the policy is not that good without iron fist, it is difficult to keep such a large and restive country in check. But I’m definitely for it, to put the Russians vaccinated good! We all miss him! And on television, and in line, and in the government! And as the leader of the party Good Deeds Andrei Kirillov will assure me that I can earn at least 20% of the vote, I want to their platform in Instagram check this? 20% of a million is 200,000 people. So, if this post will score 200 000 your likes, so be it, I’m going to run for President from the “Party of Good deeds” – told the TV presenter.

Fans teledive ambiguous attitude to the idea Chekhova to take the post of President. “My voice for you”, “Anfisa for President! I – for”, “do Not be like Xenia, please! It one enough to humor”, “Anfisa, why would you do that, your image is very distant from politics”, “This is too much! Who else is left? The Kalashnikov?” – wrote fans.

Next year will be the election of the President of the Russian Federation. In mid-October it became known that Ksenia Sobchak announced his candidacy for the presidency. To it pulled up, and Kate Gordon, who is ready to take part in the main political event.

On the official YouTube channel of Katie Gordon appeared in a movie in which she stated that she is running for President. In the video, the lawyer explained how it plans to change the situation.

Kate Gordon is going to participate in presidential elections

“My name is Kate Gordon, I am 37 years old, and I decided to exercise his right to nominate his candidacy for President of the Russian Federation. I might be the only candidate, inconsistent with the administration of the President of the Russian Federation. I am the mother of two children, a journalist with years of experience, I established a private law firm and for the fifth year engaged in the protection of the rights of women and children”, – the journalist told.