Anfisa Chekhova told about your food

Анфиса Чехова подробно рассказала о своем питании
TV presenter wants to lose weight.

Photo: Instagram

Soon Anfisa Chekhov begins shooting his new TV show, so she needs to be in the best shape. TV presenter admits that the last time I relaxed a little and again scored a few extra pounds. Now they need to throw as fast as possible, but without compromising health and mood. Especially for this Chekhov turned into a company that brings the diet food at home already prepared and packaged in separate containers.

“Mocking and tasteless diet I don’t like! says Chekhov. — Power requirements I have are that the waiters are usually mentally burn me at the stake, taking my order. Food should be sugar, yeast, meat, poultry, and eggs. Everything has to be not fat. But this company takes all my moods. They are such a good cook me: and the baked cheesecakes and strudels, shrimp-halibut, delicious soups. All on 1800 calories. There are diet and 1500кал, but I decided hunger itself, not to starve. The secret of my diet — sbalansirovannoi products under certain hours during the day. And, of course, the granularity of nutrition: eat 5 times a day in small portions, but feel so full that night even dinner hardly eats!”

Recall, for a year, eating only what she likes, Anfisa Chekhova effortlessly lost 30 pounds!

“I encourage women to love themselves and their body, not to exhaust yourself diets and not starve. Enjoy life and themselves — and then will undergo a magical change. It helped change me the most,” says Anfisa.