Анфиса Чехова рассказала о самом горьком новогоднем разочаровании
The presenter shared the story of his childhood.

Anfisa Chekhova

Anfisa Chekhov told me that one time on 1 January befell her
a severe disappointment. To blame for what happened was a girlfriend of a future star
which led her to believe in miracles.

“I think I
never believed in Santa Claus — shared TV presenter. My mother was an honest woman, and directly I
said, “Santa Claus is the artist, and the gifts he’ll bring that
I told him in advance ladies!” I easily
took it, without tragedies, but girlfriend, with whom I strongly shared
this information was sobbing his heart out… One day, my disbelief in Santa Claus a little shaken when one of her friends told me that the New year, she usually puts in a wardrobe box from under the Shoe with a note inside that says
her wishes, and January 1, finds in the box a treasured gift! I followed her
Council and secret from the relatives procured a box and a note, but in the morning,
of course, found nothing! Since then, I finally stopped believing in miracles and began to dislike the box from under the Shoe! My son and I actively talk about my Grandfather
Frost, but appears modern youth no longer hold, and in the garden of his
regularly provide accurate information…”

Subscribers appreciated the humor of the presenter, said
how are they doing with faith in the fairy tale of Santa, and advised her to visit
page Natasha Koroleva. The fact is that today, the singer posted on the social network short
video footage of flying in the sky Western counterpart Santa Claus —
Santa Claus. “He still exists!” — signed movie singer.

He still exist ?

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