Anfisa Chekhova sued the apartment from his own father

Анфиса Чехова отсудила квартиру у собственного отца
TV presenter happy for the mother who gained freedom.

Анфиса Чехова отсудила квартиру у собственного отца

Anfisa Chekhova

Анфиса Чехова отсудила квартиру у собственного отца

Mother Anfisa Chekhova Natalia

Khoroshevskiy district court of Moscow held a hearing on the claim of the mother Anfisa
Chekhova. Teledive father who abandoned her at age 4 and left the girl and her mother
living space, want to seize his apartment. The court has won a legal company
Katya Gordon and Yulia Yudina.

my life closed many years of Gestalt! — says TV presenter. Is
due to the fact that we won the court, in which, finally,
justice is done!

My mother can now live in an apartment that belongs to it by right, not
fearing that at any moment there can enter the man who once went
from her to another woman and left her to raise a daughter alone, without
any help and alimony!”

Anfisa says that the father then moved out of public housing, giving
promise him not to qualify.

Katya Gordon and Julia Yudina

“However, after more than 25 years, he
changed his mind, says Chekhov. — We are talking about my dad, and of judgment,
who won today Katya Gordon and Julia. The first thing I said to Kate, when
called today: “Your team didn’t just win the trial, you cut this
karmic knot! Now my mom can breathe freely. Today,
in fact, she had a final divorce.” I am very sorry that my dad
did not want to resolve all issues peacefully, I am very sorry for what’s in his heart
there is no compassion and love, but it is what it is, and thank him for being there