Anfisa Chekhova shocked Frank story about parasites

Анфиса Чехова шокировала откровенным рассказом о паразитах
The presenter told about how that helped her to lose 12 kilograms.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: @achekhova (Instagram Anfisa Chekhova)

Anfisa Chekhov decided to have a Frank conversation with your fans. The theme of communication with the fans once again began her recent weight loss. Talking about what helped her to transform, Anfisa admitted the fight against excess weight was not the ultimate goal of the presenter. First and foremost, she wanted to bring your body back in order and to be healthy. For this she went to a specialized clinic where she was treated by a whole team of doctors. After that, Chekhov decided to educate its users about the importance of getting rid of… parasites.

“I came not to lose weight because my weight was fine for me, and take care of your health! Visceral therapists, osteopaths, Parasitologists who work here, they can call the wizards! They put all the organs in place, helping the body to run properly, restore the disturbed metabolism, remove energy blocks, strengthen immunity and start the work of the lymph, find in our body of parasites, the harm which I can talk for hours, and is a topic for another post. But believe me, when a person gets rid of parasites, its taste and behavioral addictions are changing 180 degrees! And how many chronic diseases leaving!” — said Anfisa. And the main in her opinion is the correct attitude.

“In General, do not want to bore you with medical terms,let’s just say: real change begins with Unconditional Love for ourselves! If you truly Love yourself, you will not rape your body with dubious diets and pills! You will not struggle with themselves and the will power to zastavlyaya yourself to change! You will look inside yourself and find the reason why things are not as you want! You’ll love every internal organ, and you want to make in your body a spring cleaning,every thought, every member of his body to groom. You want to not destroy yourself but to revive again!” — wrote Chekhov. By the way, the change in her appearance also contributed to proper nutrition and yoga.