Anfisa Chekhova shared spicy details of career start

Анфиса Чехова поделилась пикантными подробностями начала карьеры The TV presenter was forced to play Nude. Anfisa Chekhova caught in a difficult situation from which she managed to get out, head held high.

      Анфиса Чехова поделилась пикантными подробностями начала карьеры

      Anfisa Chekhova is one of the most exciting presenters on the Russian TV. Many still remember how organically she looked in the show about sex. A film star since childhood, dreamed of glory at high school decided to become famous.

      However, not having sufficient experience and ingenuity, the future TV celebrity had almost paid with their honor in the weather for success. In high school, all classmates Anfisa thinking about the future of the profession, and she was no exception. Children’s wishes has decided to warm the hands of an enterprising teacher in physics. He invited the students to go to summer camp at sea for mastering professions. Chekhov dreamed of being a model. Her parents paid for the so-called study and sent the daughter in the company of other pupils in Anapa.

      However, on arrival in the resort town revealed that in learning a new craft is limited to browsing glossy magazines and videocassettes with fashion shows. In order not to upset the girl, lecturer in physics gave her a photo shoot in a swimsuit on the beach. This event Chekhov agreed to carry out only in the presence of classmates. However the most unpleasant was waiting for her ahead. The physics teacher turned out to be much smarter than could ever imagine young Anfisa. He tried to get Chekhov to be naked in front of the camera.

      “He left me at the table and said in a very serious voice: “In the life of every centerfolds once the time comes when she must decide on shooting in the style of “Nude”, in other words, griscom. Here and it’s time for you to decide”. And, despite what I said, “Excuse me, in my life, such a moment has not come yet”, the physics teacher at the end of our “training” gave me an honorable crust “Model first”. But I will always remember how hard and thorny path model”, – has shared details of days gone by TV presenter in an interview with the newspaper “Metro”.

      Although appetizing forms Chekhova continues to excite the opposite sex, Anfisa herself is not always pleased with their appearance. By his own admission the stars, after the birth of her son Solomon, she “launched” the shape, and forgot about the fact that next to her husband, beloved Guram Bablishvili. However, over the past year, leading significantly shaped and now she’s proud of himself.

      “Ideally there are no parameters. If I suddenly cease to make my shape, then I begin to correct it. I can say that it happens very rarely. I’m happy with my weight, not looking for harmony. But if I like my body, why change? For the sake of public approval?” – says Anfisa Chekhova.

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