Anfisa Chekhova shared her experiences after the death of a close friend

Анфиса Чехова поделилась переживаниями после смерти близкой подруги The presenter recalled the Stella Baranovsky, who died after battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Anfisa Chekhov first met the actress when she was undergoing chemotherapy in the United States. Stella’s death was a heavy blow for the stars.
Анфиса Чехова поделилась переживаниями после смерти близкой подруги

In early September, at the age of 30 years, actress Stella Baranovskaya, who struggled with cancer. A young woman was buried on Mashkinskoye cemetery. Among those who came to see Stella, was Anfisa Chekhova. The presenter has close ties with Baranovskaya and was shocked at her passing.

A few months after the tragic events of Chekhov remembered again friend. TV star devoted Stelle a touching poem. In recognition of Anfisa, she can’t accept the fact that her close friend died:

Say, you don’t!
Lying? Shamelessly silly!
Say you are in the light!
And I’m here to sing…
What else for so many years smile someone
So still many winters without you in the cold.⠀

Say you’re with me,
Go Ghost pale
That knocking on the window,
Pat frigid hand.
What are you summer “mushroom” tears from heaven
And whitish Blizzard swallow winter.⠀

Promise, time,like, treats,
And the forecast is that by April drops!
And while ice, I gather the “Eternity”…
And try to accept the inevitability of losses.

The son of Stella Baranovskaya Daniel is now cared for by the grandmother. The boy goes to kindergarten. In the last days of the life of the actress, the child was at her finest girlfriends – Katie Gordon and singer Zara. Stella’s father, who is in the United States, were willing to take Daniel to himself, but the main applicant for custody was her mother Lidia.

Stella’s father Baranovskaya intends to take her child in the United States

Анфиса Чехова поделилась переживаниями после смерти близкой подруги

Anfisa Chekhov became acquainted with Stella Baranovskaya six months ago when the actress was undergoing chemotherapy in the United States. Since that time the presenter tried to support the artist. Earlier, Chekhov had already shared their thoughts after the departure of the girlfriend of life. Anfisa says that it is very difficult to accept the loss of a loved one. According to Chekhova, Baranovskaya had a lot of plans, which are now not destined to be fulfilled.

“The realization that the person is gone from your life, does not come immediately. Once you reach for the phone to tell him something that only he will understand, and at this point you realize that at the end nobody will answer. When I put the thing together you have chosen and realize that you and him will never walk in the stores. Memories, they are not packaged in a tin until needed. They will always be with you” – shared by Chekhov.