Anfisa Chekhova no longer wants to lose weight

Анфиса Чехова больше не хочет худеть
The TV presenter believes her figure is perfect.

Anfisa Chekhov for a few weeks actively losing weight. In the beginning of her Wellness journey, she admitted that her
the struggle with excess weight began diets or miracle
drugs, and work on his attitude. Some time
ago Anfisa was fascinated by yoga and has since started to pay more attention to not
vital subject the problem of excess weight and your thoughts and what is “going on” she
in the head.

The method appeared truly miraculous: Chekhova significantly
transformed. And then the TV host, together with her husband Guram Bablishvili went to Crimea, to go there together
special course detox program. The process of losing weight so quickly gave
the results that Anfisa decided

“The hotel has two dining options. If you are on the program
Dr. Hynninen, eat in the hall, serving detox menus. And the main task at
detox is the alkalinisation of the body. On this menu, lots of vegetables and
green. No sugar and fatty foods, says Chekhov. — If to eat 10 days
then, of course, lose weight. But I don’t want to lose weight, and talking
with the doctor we decided that I will move to a second power system buffet.
There is also a lot of healthy dishes for those who hold a special power”.

By the way, his son Solomon’s wife in Crimea and took
very sorry about this. “It turned out that the hotel is a Paradise for children!
Developmental kindergarten, lots of children’s razvlekalok, a petting zoo, pony
walks, a children’s buffet. And we were going to detox, thought to Solika
adult treatment programs are not interesting, and here such…, — says the presenter. —
Oh. He would like it here! But already from Moscow did not bring one
the plane”.