Анфисе Чеховой сделали подарок для второго ребенка Future baby a restful sleep. Anfisa Chekhova and her husband Guram bablishvili plan to become parents again. The star family is already one of the most important attributes of infancy.

      Анфисе Чеховой сделали подарок для второго ребенка

      Anfisa Chekhova is not only a successful broadcaster but also a happy homemaker. Her relationship with her husband Guram Bablishvili for several years are an example for many couples. The couple has a son Solomon, who was born in 2012. The boy does not know that his parents – the stars of show business, they are just mom and dad.

      Anfisa think that in the future she would like to have another child. However, the specific timing of the implementation of these plans she and her husband haven’t discussed yet. It so happened that one gift for a second baby they already have.

      “I have more time, I’m still of child-bearing age. So there’s no hurry. And I already have a cot for one small child gave it to me,” admitted the leader.

      Pregnancy Chekhov comes with the responsibility. She understands that for women is a complex physiological process that it is better to be prepared in advance. It would be nice to be in good physical shape, and ideally – to check and correct, if necessary, your health.

      “I believe that each family needs to decide for itself – to prepare or not to prepare. It’s so personal a question. Someone’s health is not very good, someone must be psychologically prepared. I believe that as a minimum you need to be in good physical shape. Pregnancy is a very difficult time for women. We lose a lot of strength and health. Assuming the pregnancy is already not being healthy, with lots of different diseases, the woman is hard to have. The consequences can be all sorts. On the other hand, and in perfectly healthy women have difficulties. It’s a lottery! If you are given more than to have a child, it will come to your family”, – said Chekhov in an interview with “TV Program”.

      Incidentally, the famous host does not forget that it is important to devote time to her husband, the relationship remained harmonious. Anfisa loves son Solomon, but believes that sometimes you can leave a child and grandparents, and at this time to arrange a romantic evening alone with your loved.

      Anfisa Chekhova and Guram bablishvili told how they managed to save the marriage

      “If a couple devotes all their time to children, they cease to be a man and a woman – says Anfisa. When we got married, not a day spent without Solika and by the end of the year, even thought about divorce. But as soon as the left son and the grandmothers flew to Miami, everything changed. Need to go on dates! Man you need to impress a new style or a beautiful linen! You can play role-playing games – for example, to come to the meeting if you are not familiar. Then the romance in the relationship will not fade away”.

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