Anfisa Chekhova is worried about his son’s future

Анфиса Чехова переживает за будущее сына
The presenter explained why she fears for the five-year Solika.

Anfisa Chekhov with her son Solomon

Photo: Instagram

Anfisa Chekhova worries about her son, a five — year
Solomon’s. The boy is growing, and every year on character traits and inclinations
becomes, unsurprisingly, more similar to parents: this is what
worried about a TV presenter. Chekhov is afraid that Solik, as affectionately called the boy in
the family will choose a profession in the world of show-business or movie.

“Solomon has a good ear and voice, as well as a great sense
rhythm and unique dance style, — says the star. I am very
I am afraid that it too, like mom and dad, pull to be an artist”. However, while
Solik, despite their inclinations, dreams of other professions. “He wants to be
a paleontologist or an astronaut, preferably at the same time — smiling artist.

It is worth noting that divorce Chekhova and Guram Bablishvili does
no effect on Solomon — he looks absolutely happy child. Next
the couple immediately agreed that their separation should not affect Solomon.
The boy lives on the line mom, then at dad, who gave all his strength
education and development. For example, the Christmas holidays he spent in Georgia, then
Bablishvili flew with his son from Tbilisi to Sochi is there for the last time lives and
works Anfisa (in the southern capital, removed the new season of the show “Weighted people»,
leading which she was).

“Guram brought me Solika from Georgia where they visited
grandmothers and the entire Georgian family! — told Chekhov. — Gave me in the morning
to sleep after a night shift and went to a cafe to have Breakfast with all sorts of sweets”.

Apparently, Anfisa and Guram, unlike many
divorced celebrities actually managed to maintain a warm and friendly
relations and mutual respect.