Anfisa Chekhova is struggling with depression

Анфиса Чехова борется с депрессией The TV star is tired of city bustle and noise and decided to go on vacation, where she can be alone with myself. Leading chose the island of Bali, where she is enjoying the heavenly weather, and does yoga.

      Анфиса Чехова борется с депрессией

      Anfisa Chekhova is tired of household chores and filming, so decided to go to Bali to improve their physical and moral condition. First, the TV star visited Hong Kong, where he saw a huge Buddha statue.

      “At the feet of the Great Buddha of inexpressible energy. Despite a lot of tourists, no fuss, noise, DIN. The feeling that you are in solitude and in silence. You can sit on a bench and think about your. I’m so relaxed that even a NAP. All the problems seem easily resolved here, all disturbing thoughts fly out of my head like birds. A large, Grand and compassionate Buddha, like breathing, inhaling and exhaling the mist” – shared his impressions leading.

      After the cultural programme Anfisa arrived on the island Paradise of Bali, to enjoy the sun and warm ocean. In the microblogging star showed how looks the pool, where she does yoga.

      “In Bali. Restart. To not write anything I want. Dark and light simultaneously at heart. On the surface goes all the scum that formed during all this time, of vanity, of urban life. Want to remain silent,” he told fans about his mood Chekhov. Subscribers congratulated her with such a choice of places for relaxation and gave advice on what to do on the island.

      Анфиса Чехова борется с депрессией

      However, while TV presenter in no hurry to implement the cultural program, she practices yoga near the pool. The star has repeatedly said that she would like to remain permanently on Bali, because there it is good to understand yourself.

      By the way, many noted that Anfisa looks great. Star says that she managed with the help of athletic training to restore the figure after childbirth. TV presenter prefers active fitness, not diet. “All my youth I was engaged in samopouzdanje. Honestly, nothing good ever came of it. Put health and gained even more. So be sure to lose weight should be only under the supervision of physicians that monitor your health, blood pressure, blood condition”, – told in an interview about his approach to beauty Anfisa Chekhova.

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