Анфиса Чехова скрывается в Греции

  • Анфиса Чехова скрывается в Греции

    Anfisa Chekhov with her son

  • Анфиса Чехова скрывается в Греции

    Presenter tans in a closed swimsuit

  • Анфиса Чехова скрывается в Греции

    Father and son swim in the pool

  • Анфиса Чехова скрывается в Греции

    The view from the window Chekhova hotel

  • Анфиса Чехова скрывается в Греции

    The star is happy to relax with the family

  • Анфиса Чехова скрывается в Греции

    Little Solik trying local sweets

  • Анфиса Чехова скрывается в Греции

    Family travels a lot around the island

  • Anfisa shows slender figure on the beach

Anfisa Chekhov has gone on holiday with the closest people – son of Solomon and husband Guram Bablishvili. Place to retreat with family star chose the Greek island of Rhodes. However, this resort is very popular among Russians, so the artist had to work hard to find the hotel, which our countrymen have not yet chosen.

After Chekhov landed on Greek soil and was on the territory of the hotel complex, she realized that she made the right decision. Around really rested some foreigners who did not recognize in Anfisa stars. Only then Chekhova has been truly liberated.

“What I like about the hotel is that there are almost no Russian. I have nothing against his countrymen, but to relax I get only where no one knows me. I think it’s trouble of any public person”, – said the presenter.

Interestingly, according to the popular travel portals, a week-long trip for a family of three people in the hotel where the rest of Chekhov, is about 250 thousand rubles, including flight from Moscow and back. The money for holidays there are not all Russians, so with the appreciation of the dollar and the Euro many of our compatriots prefer to relax this summer on the black sea coast resorts without having to travel abroad.

Anfisa Chekhov admired figure

By the way, the sea the little Solomon pleases parents not only good mood and good appetite, but is making progress in speech development. Anfisa shared a fun conversation with my son. “On the question “daddy what?” he answered: “Strong, kind and wise.” And to the question, “Mama what?” he replied: “Favorite”, but after a short interrogation confessed that the mother is beautiful, plump and weak.” Oh, weak me still no one called,” Chekhov shared with subscribers of his microblog.

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