Anfisa Chekhova got to the machine

Анфиса Чехова встала к станку
The presenter for the first time in 7 years of wearing Pointe shoes.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: Instagram

Anfisa Chekhov has impressed its fans with incredible
physical form, published in his microblog a picture of it
demonstrated flexibility, dancer or star art
gymnastics. TV presenter back to the ballet Barre. The last time she
worked in Pointe shoes seven years ago.

“Again got to the machine,
— said Anfisa. — Teacher says the turnout on. In General,
I urge all to physical activity. My body experienced a different state, I
know what not to feel it, reject it, and know what to accept and
to feel every muscle and ligament. Without movement the body worse, and not just the body. When
there is no load on the muscles, your thoughts become darker, because serotonin is not
enters the brain! Physical activity activates this hormone.
The only thing you should always remember: in any case it is not necessary to make
yourself to exercise! It should be fun! I, for instance,
I can’t stand running, jumping, all kinds of aerobics, dance does not love, even in
the discos… But I catch a buzz from the choreography at the Barre, yoga, Pilates and
cycle. And training are going on holiday, force yourself not necessary!”

Fans, in turn, once again
praised Chekhov for the beautiful and slender figure, I Paid for the last year lost
15 kilos! As it turned out, Chekhov used a very unusual method
the fight against excess weight.

“No willpower, no special
pohudatelnyh diets! I didn’t do anything to lose weight! But I changed
your consciousness, grow spiritually, worked on their thoughts and psychology,
care about your health! It was my natural need! I love
grow! I can’t stand still! And the body on my changes and reacted to
weight loss including. Weight loss is a side effect of global internal
changes! A world obsessed with appearance, the world is trying to deal with the symptoms and
deep digging. All after new-fangled diets, starve themselves,
bullied, fighting with you! And I would argue that the real changes occur
only when treat ourselves with Love! Love yourself, Admire
other and take Care of Myself!” — shared a revelation with fans Anfisa.