Анфиса Чехова отказалась от мяса и сильно похудела

The star shared the secrets of his power.

Anfisa was always proud of his forms, as repeatedly stated. Whether Chekhov changed his position and decided to become a skinny, whether he her body demanded the revision of the nutrition and lifestyle…

Anfisa is now actively engaged in yoga and the menu leaves the option open for intuition. And I must say that the sixth sense gave Chekhova such advice, from which she was immediately lost twice!

“I do not rawfoodist, not vegan, and not a convinced vegetarian. Just know how to listen and hear your body. Meat he doesn’t want a few years. And recently the bird was sick. Left fish and seafood, which I don’t say very much. But like vegetables. And soups. Especially tasty. Without meat and a roast. Because for medical reasons fatty and fried I couldn’t. A couple of months ago my body refused to sugar… at all. Not want and can not eat anything containing sugar. Dessert sometimes eat raw food with sweeteners in the form of stevia or agave syrup. But very rarely, because sweet do not want”, – shared the leading.

By giving up meat and sweets in our time is no surprise, but as it turned out, Anfisa, do not consume not only them, but also a huge list of products.

“My body gave up dairy, eggs, bread and any flour products, pasta and oatmeal (if gluten), and soy of any kind. In the absence of all of these products I feel great,” continued Chekov.

If you look closely at this list, it turns out that the star only eats vegetables, some cereals and sometimes fish. No wonder she got so thin.

By the way, the fans way of life Chekhova supported and considered its menu, the correct one. Now the fans are waiting, when Anfisa will tell what she feeds her husband and son.

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