Анфиса Чехова отдает наряды подругам
The TV presenter told how gets rid of unnecessary clothes.

Photo: Instagram

Much thinner Anfisa Chekhova gets rid of clothes, which became her very much. And since all of her outfits, usually very expensive and are in perfect condition, the star decided not to give it to the poor, and give to their friends.

“The good friends I have are almost all delicious! — says Anfisa. I like to see the other person thing takes on a new meaning and a second wind”.

A little less appetizing girlfriends Chekhova is also a sin to complain. They Anfisa too often gives the dress that she was tired or too “lit up”. After all, according to the rules of secular parties, if one day wear the outfit to a loud social event, the next time can appear years through five. And not the fact that some sort of fashion critic or a secular chronicler do not remember and do not write on your website or personal blog, they say, and Anfisa “worn out”, the second time went in the same dress. These are the “harsh” laws of show-business!

Not all subscribers Chekhova Instagram adequately react to such a seemingly normal practice between friends. The presenter immediately “showered” negative comments, they say that girlfriends are so poor that they are forced to continue wearing her clothes. But still the majority of fans immediately wanted to make friends with an Sa to get a gift her trendy outfits. And some immediately comments began to send its size. Suddenly something her friends did not come!