Anfisa Chekhova attributed the novel with Dmitry Borisov

Анфисе Чеховой приписали роман с Дмитрием Борисовым The presenters shared a joint picture. Anfisa Chekhova and Dmitry Borisov did not hide mutual sympathy. Fans are concerned that in recent time, the woman does not publish photos with her husband and worried if everything was okay in their family.
Анфисе Чеховой приписали роман с Дмитрием Борисовым

TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov has surprised fans with the unexpected – she published a photograph with the “face” of the First channel Dmitry Borisov. Man recently took the place of the presenter of the program “Let them talk”, but because his persona has become one of the most talked about. Apparently, Anfisa and Dimitri met at a party. Frame Borisov is pictured with a glass of champagne. Chekhov on the other picture kissing a colleague on the cheek. Many subscribers to this publication have raised questions. Followers have noticed that lately in the microblog stars stopped appearing photo with her husband Guram Bablishvili.

“My husband divorced eh?”, “Anfisa, why not a photo with Guram? There used to be plenty, but what happened now?” “This man is visually much more suited lovely Anfisa”, “So wonderfully together, just a sweet couple” – wrote fans.

However, some fans were quick to defend Chekhov suggested that the lack of pictures with her husband yet says nothing. They also felt that, perhaps, Anfisa, Dmitry, and nothing more than good friends, and a smiley face in the form of a heart, which left the presenter in the caption to the photo, says only a wonderful friendly relationship.

In early August, the celebrity went to relax in the company of a friend. The husband could not make the company Anfisa, as currently very busy with work for a short time, he visited several cities and is now in Gelendzhik. In mid-July, Chekhov talked about the fact that their son Solomon went to Georgia to spend the rest of the summer with their grandmother.

The TV presenter admitted “StarHit” that knows the secrets of how to make a marriage strong. She did not hide that was close to divorce, but decided to correct the situation. Anfisa Chekhova and Guram bablishvili told how they managed to save the marriage

“When we got married, not a day spent without Solika and by the end of the year, even thought about divorce. But as soon as the left son and the grandmothers flew to Miami, everything changed – remember Chekhov. – Need to go on dates! Man you need to impress a new style or a beautiful linen! You can play role-playing games – for example, to come to the meeting if you are not familiar. Then the romance in the relationship will not fade away”.