Анфиса Чехова: «Нас кормят продуктами, которые убивают медленно и мучительно!»
The presenter explained why completely abandoned the use of sugar.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: Instagram

Anfisa Chekhov was indignant at
most people eat foods that are slowly killing them. It is
the presence in them of sugar that the presenter genuinely believes what
the heroine Lyudmila Gurchenko, a legendary Soviet film “Love and pigeons” —
sweet death. The actress said what was disposed of and acquired,
giving up sugar two years ago.

“For two years I don’t eat
sugar — says Anfisa. — Neither the dishes, nor any products. Ordering
food in the restaurant, sometimes is painful for me and the waiters, because
even in the soup, the chefs manage to add sugar! After two years sugar
celibacy, I feel him with terrible force, and recognize everywhere. Especially good
my skin identificeret sugar. However, not once, and the next day… it
popping up a big fat pimple that is all it says:
“Remember yesterday’s prawns in sweet and sour sauce? So, the sauce was not honey!” Sometimes I feel like the black sheep, here’s how
today, when healthy cafes that we stopped for Breakfast,
were all great flavored sugar. It is a shame that in our world,
healthy food have to look like a truffle, to extract, as ore and sift,
like gold among sand. As if it were something illegal, against the law! Remember
in new York the waiters laughed in the voice when I asked if they had
dessert without sugar. In Bali (now the presenter has a rest on the island
ed.) and in Moscow with it easier. Candies doing in the raw food cafes and
sell via the Internet. But what I all this? What I bought, refused
sugar more than compensates for all the inconvenience! Fresh appearance, good skin,
the lack of sluggishness, apathy and headaches, energy, harmony,
the absence of any problems with the gastrointestinal tract and, most importantly, strong immunity, which all

It is hoped that the majority of people will finally open their eyes
and understand that we are fed foods that are killing us… Slowly and