Anfisa Chekhov was unable to return from the us to Russia

Анфиса Чехова не смогла вернуться из Штатов в Россию
The TV presenter was in trouble.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: @achekhova (Instagram Anfisa Chekhova)

Due to a freak accident Anfisa Chekhova was not able to leave new York, where he spent the holiday last week. The reason for the inability to fly home was the late television stars on the flight. The most insulting that Anfisa has not appeared on time at the reception not their fault. Chekhov missed the check in for the flight to Russia from-for a grief-the driver, who failed to deliver her to the airport.

“New York did not want to let me go. Failed driver, stuck in traffic, late for your flight!” — said Anfisa.

Meanwhile, during the trip a TV presenter a few times to me their attitude to the “big Apple”. Immediately upon arrival, Chekhov admitted that he was disappointed new York. He was nothing like the blown up image in Western cinema. However, having spent a couple of days, Anfisa began to notice pleasant things that came to her liking. “In America I like the fact that people are generous with compliments. Fit right in the streets and praise what they like about you. Clothes or appearance. Generally, of course, the TV series “Sex and the city” is very misleading everyone is. In new York the streets no one walks in full dress and in fashion outfits. All black and simple. Sometimes there are elegant people, less extravagant!” — said Anfisa.

As a result, the time stay in new York city Chekhov radically changed their attitude to the city and was able to love and accept him the way he is. “New York has finally captured my heart!” — wrote Anfisa cancelled shortly before departure.