Anfisa Chekhov was trying to rescue a sick cancer Stella Baranovskaya

Анфиса Чехова до последнего пыталась спасти больную раком Стеллу Барановскую The presenter recalled how he met with a young woman half a year ago. According to Anfisa Chekhova, she struggled trying to help Stella, but she was asked only to take her choice. We will remind, Baranovskaya refused chemotherapy, hoping that other methods will help to fight cancer.
Анфиса Чехова до последнего пыталась спасти больную раком Стеллу Барановскую

Before it became known that the actress Stella Baranovskaya died of cancer. A young woman bravely struggled with cancer. Doctors diagnosed her with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. However, chemotherapy, which was Stella, for a while helped to stabilize the condition. On Monday, many celebrities who knew her, left a message of condolences to her family and remembered what kind of a man was Baranovskaya.

Anfisa Chekhova, who was friendly with Stella, grieved the death of a friend. The television star said, as they began to chat.

“We met with Stella a year and a half ago! I wrote it in “Instagram” when she took the chemo in America. We were kindred spirits, as though we had known each other for years! I’m not going to write about what and how I did it for her! I have nothing to brag about and nothing to be proud of! I just did what I could not do! I could not love her because love doesn’t choose, I could not support her because it was important for me to go with her, hand in hand, and not on the other side of the road, condemning and not accepting her the way!” – told Chekhov in one of the last posts on the social network.

Apparently, Anfisa tried to convince Stella to go again to the clinic for chemotherapy. However, Baranovskaya was not easy to endure this procedure she constantly cried and felt depressed. Anabaena tried to resort to unconventional methods of treatment, in particular, it was observed by practitioners of metaphysical technology. Solar images of the actress that appeared in social networks, raised doubts in people. Many detractors believed that she was “promoted” to his illness, and actually quite healthy. Stella Baranovskaya about cancer: “I Have metastases in the brain”

However, Anfisa, which was nearby all this time, explains that Baranovskaya really was fading. However, the friend did not listen to her recommendations. Remembers TV presenter, a friend just told me to make this choice.

“At times it was very difficult, and sometimes wanted to drop everything and run to the edge of the world, these emotions and feelings that tore me up inside! At times I wanted to shake her and shout: “Well, listen! I know what’s best for you!”, but, I didn’t know. No one knows how better. I learned to grit my teeth and shut up, because love does not bind hand and foot! Love gives you the opportunity to another person to make a choice! How often she told me: “It’s my way! Take it! I know what’s best for me! Just back me up!” – remember Anfisa.