Anfisa Chekhov was deported from Italy

Анфису Чехову депортировали из Италии
The presenter was unable to cross the border at the airport of Venice.

Photo: Instagram

Tomorrow its 40th anniversary, said Anfisa Chekhova. Contrary to all appearances, the birthday of TV presenter were going to spend with extraordinary panache. Her friends threw her a VIP tour of Venice, booked a cool room in a beautiful hotel and also wanted to come to her and to celebrate the anniversary so that the Venetians long remember these funny Russian… But no luck!

In the whirl of their worries associated with moving from Moscow to Sochi, debilitating shots in the new project Anfisa did not check their own passport. Only upon arrival in Italy, the “window” stern customs officers it became clear that Chekhova has expired, a Schengen visa!

“Safely having reached Venice, at passport control, I found that my Schengen ended on December 14 — says TV presenter. — I got so worked up that I forgot to look until I have a visa. With me such for the first time. And in my anniversary I wanted to celebrate in beautiful Venice with friends. Sometimes you want to live in a Hollywood Comedy, where the Italian customs officers, upon learning that I flew in to celebrate my OTHER, sing a funny song in the style of Celentano, dancing mass dance in the airport and miss me with the words: “Lovely Señorita, we don’t want to ruin your holiday, go to our country with an expired visa, celebrate, have fun! This is your day, be happy!” But Hollywood comedies are so different from the real world in which I was deported back to Sochi,not allowing even to talk with a friend, which one left to sing in the airport of Venice. Now I urgently come up with a plan to lick their wounds… or Rather how to celebrate OTHERS in Sochi. Awful pity, but it is clear that I am to blame. I am very sorry. These were ambitious plans, this was a beautiful, non-refundable room at the hotel in the style of the movie “the Tourist” with Jolie and Depp.
Tomorrow I will tell yourself that all is for the best… But for now I’m just a girl who set up plans and in his absentmindedness, he put them down the drain. I hope my next year will be more positive than mine, unexpectedly, to undermine the holiday.”