Anfisa Chekhov was accused of cheating

Анфису Чехову обвинили в обмане
TV presenter commented on the rumors about liposuction.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: @achekhova (Instagram Anfisa Chekhova)

Spectacular transformation of Anfisa Chekhova was one of the most popular themes in secular circles. In just six months, the presenter said goodbye to 20 extra pounds. And she did it in her own words, not torturing yourself diets. Many of her fans didn’t believe the words of Anfisa and suspected that she was actually all the cheats. Star, in their opinion, has lost weight due to surgical intervention.

Chekhov such rumors are very angry, in fact she doesn’t “cut” my stomach and have not done the liposuction. “I didn’t take any special pills, did not put any cylinders in the stomach, nothing cut off! And that is why my body started the process of losing weight, I will ever tell you in detail! — promised Anfisa. — All dream that would not get fat! And no one formulates his query: “What would not have what bad for my body!” Now, I sincerely don’t want to eat all those foods that make me sick, tired, not thinking, aggressive, unhappy and hard… And come to this only if your Love for yourself is strong and conscious!”

By the way, Anfisa still consider myself a size models plus size. Now she weighs about 62 kilograms and the height is 163 cm. The TV star is wearing a size 46 and it is absolutely happy with his appearance. “Nothing at all was done in order to lose weight! I do not sit on diets, I eat all they want and in such amounts that would feel well-fed! Therefore, a hungry look that you regularly try to see my pictures, it’s a figment of your imagination!” — said Chekhov.