Anfisa Chekhov visited a divorce judge

Анфиса Чехова посетила адвокатов по разводу
The presenter asked for legal assistance.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: @achekhova Instagram Anfisa Chekhova

Anfisa Chekhov has continued to fuel rumors of divorce with her husband.The presenter recently visited the law office of Cathy Gordon. She was photographed talking with experts who, among other things, deal with issues of divorce, division of property, alimony, and housing disputes.

Lawyers themselves, of course, to advertise on what was the question they asked Him. According to their statement, they “decide the legal question” in Germany. However, fans suspect that the star contacted the office, “Gordon and sons” precisely in order to dissolve the marriage with Guram Bablishvili.

Meanwhile, Anfisa denies attributed to her breakup with her husband. TV presenter says he spent the summer apart with a spouse because of different preferences in leisure. However, the husband Chekhova with her son almost a week ago I returned from Georgia, and social networks so far has not appeared any photos of Anfisa and Guram.

But in the network appeared the pictures Chekhova Eduard Demchenko, expert of the program “Beauty in Russian” on NTV channel and the show “Hell’s kitchen” channel on Friday. He made the TV star company on the red carpet real prize MusicBox 2017. After the emergence of rumors about the breakup of Anfisa and Guram, it is increasingly seen in the company of Edward. This summer she spent several weeks in a Spa complex in Italy.