Анфиса Чехова рассказала, когда выйдет замуж и родит дочь
The TV presenter shared her innermost thoughts on the birthday of my mom.

Photo: Instagram

Anfisa Chekhov in the past year broke up with her husband Guram Bablishvili, but their fans still hope that the old lovers get back together. However, the ex-spouses continue to communicate only friendly and then — only for a common son of Solomon, which this year was 6 years old.

Personal life Anfisa Chekhova remains to all a mystery. The presenter says, there was in her life a new man. However, fans are sure a woman will never be alone! Yesterday, on the birthday of his beloved mother and uncle (they are twins) Chekhov first articulated the time frame in which I would like to define their family status.

“I wished my mom a good son-in-law and granddaughter next year,” he told the star.

Since the timing is quite tight, the fans decided that the “blueprint” Chekhova is already there. After all, to find a new man to go with him to the registry office and have time to have a second child for only a year and a half is no easy task.

By the way, recently Chekhov vacationed in Croatia, and local men are so fascinated by the star that she recommended to all the girls who are in search for a husband here.

“This information is for the girls who are in search of my half: it is incredibly a lot of cute guys! Croatian men gallantly to care for, admire Russian girls. And they are loyal to their husbands and excellent fathers, so the percentage of divorces in their families are very small,” — said Anfisa.

But if you consider the will to win showed participants of the Croatian national team on football, it becomes clear that the best candidate for the role of the husband is not found. Who knows, maybe Anfisa recommended local men for a reason?